8 Romantic Country Songs To Make Your ‘First Dance’ A Dream Come True

(Left) Keith Whitley Facebook

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important things couples have to keep in mind is what song they’d like to share their first dance to. The song should be meaningful to the couple and their love story, whether it’s been “their song” for years or is something they chose just for their special day. Country music is full of beautiful love songs that are perfect for slow dancing, which is why oftentimes a couple’s first dance at their wedding is backed up by the soundtrack of a country tune.

While there are many romantic country songs, some have been overplayed at weddings, to the point that people have grown tired of them. But there’s no need to worry, there’s still a wealth of sweet country love songs that you haven’t heard being played at a wedding 100 times already. We’ve gathered up a list of eight romantic country songs you may not have thought of at first when it came to picking the perfect tune for your wedding. But these eight songs are ones that are guaranteed to make your first dance a dream come true you’ll remember forever.