Julianne Hough Sweetly Sings Country Duet…But Just Wait Until Derek Shows Up

Country music girls / YouTube

The multi-talented Julianne Hough got her big break when she earned a spot as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars when she was only 18 years old. She stunned everyone when she ended up winning that season with her partner, Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno.

Julianne continued to compete on the show for five more seasons, and scored another winning title in the process. She eventually left in pursuit of other projects, but returned in 2011 as a judge. It is a role that she has held off and on since then, all while chasing other aspects of her career.

In addition to her work on Dancing with the Stars, country fans know Julianne for her music. She released her debut country album in 2008, which was a smash success. The album topped the Billboard Country Albums chart and also managed to claim the third spot on the overall album chart.

Two singles were released off of Julianne’s debut album, titled “That Song in My Head” and “Hallelujah Song.” Both tunes earned a place in the Top 50 on the country chart.

The ACM recognized Julianne’s talent when they nominated her for the Top New Female Vocalist and Top New Artist in 2009. She ended up taking home both awards, cementing her status as a singer to watch.

Although Julianne hasn’t released any new albums since her 2008 debut, she has never stopped singing. In 2016, she was granted the role of a lifetime as Sandy in FOX’s live televised production of Grease.

Later that same year, Julianne’s brother Derek appeared as Corny Collins in NBC’s televised production of Hairspray. Like his sister, Derek’s career really took off when he signed on as a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars. He remains the show’s most successful dancer, with a total of six wins to his name.

Also like Julianne, Derek is an accomplished singer. So when it came time for Julianne to release her debut album, it only made perfect sense to have Derek join her on one of the songs.

That resulting song was “Dreaming Under the Same Moon.” The tune is a sweet duet about two people who care deeply about one another, but are separated by distance. Despite that, they find comfort in the fact that they both dream under the same moon every night.

There are only a couple of clips out there of Julianne and Derek singing their duet. We managed to dig up one of the best, which was filmed during Julianne’s AOL Music special about her album.

Julianne starts off sweetly singing the song all on her own, before Derek finally joins in midway. Prepare to be blown away once you hear the two of them start singing together!

Go ahead and tune in below to witness the immense talent between these two siblings. We really hope they’ll record another duet in the future!