NASCAR Star Tony Stewart Nabbed By Police In Epic Lip Sync Battle

Columbus, IN Police Department/YouTube

For those of you going through withdrawal, wondering when and if you’d see the next great entry into the Police Lip Sync Battle, RELAX!

We’ve got you covered!

The Columbus, IN Police Department answered the #LipSyncChallenge complete with star power and a full spectrum of hits.

Opening with “I Can’t Drive 55,” by Sammy Hagar, speed racer Tony Stewart engaged in his usual high speed manner sans race car. This time he was driving a Ford pickup truck.

Not far behind the speedy star were members of Columbus’ finest in hot pursuit. Knowing this was one race he wasn’t going to win, Stewart, a Columbus native, climbs out of the truck and puts his hands in the air.

From then on out, it’s a mix of great music and epic acts. Britney Spears gets a nod with “Baby One More Time.”  “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus and the “Friends” theme song also have cameos in this stellar production.

1.6 Million Viewers So Far

So begins another glimpse into the lighter side of law enforcement that has taken the country by storm. Yes, law officers are human, too, and even have a great sense of humor!

Stewart and more than a dozen Columbus officers star in the video, which was shot over 10 hours split across two days according to WLKY News in Louisville, KY.

Officers involved in the video volunteered during their off-time and had just as much fun making the video as it appears, Lt. Matt Harris shared.

Don’t Try This At Home

No, this chase scene was not on a public roadway. This is one of those “do not attempt this at home or on your local streets.” The chase was filmed at the Cummins Inc. test track.

Ready for some fun? Kick back and watch this latest entry into the flooded field of Police Lip Sync Battle entries. Think it’s a winner?