Miranda Lambert Reveals Why She Refuses To Talk About Her Divorce

Country star Miranda Lambert was the center of perhaps one of the most rattling divorces in country music, splitting from husband Blake Shelton in 2015 after a seemingly unexpected change in pace for the couple after 4 years of marriage. While neither performer addressed the split or dedicated their time to clarifying their riff to […] More

Fans Go Crazy After Gwen Stefani Sports Ring On Left Hand

Gwen Stefani was seen sporting some major bling that had fans eagerly questioning the singer’s relationship status with country star Blake Shelton! Taking to her Snapchat account to show followers her yummy, custom snacks, the singer panned her video to her hand to adequately reveal the enticing sweets. Showing fans her pink and yellow M&Ms, […] More

Chris Stapleton Takes To ‘Today’ Show For Killer New Song ‘Broken Halos’

Country music star Chris Stapleton took to the stage of NBC‘s Today show to wow his audience with an incredible performance with his mother just beyond the front row. Taking to the venue with his talented wife Morgane, the crooner began a phenomenal performance of his recently released song “Broken Halos”. The crowd fell silent as Stapleton’s piercing vocals kicked off the ballad, […] More

Julianne Hough’s Fiancé Shares Emotional Words Days Before Wedding

Dancing With The Stars champion and country singer Julianne Hough is eagerly awaiting her wedding, although her fiancé’s recent post on social media had fans scrambling for their tissues just before the highly anticipated day. Taking to his Instagram page, Brooks Laich shared a heartwarming photo of his bride-to-be snuggling with one of their fur […] More

Carrie Underwood Song Helps Woman Stranded In Forest For 8 Days

A 20-year-old woman found herself frightened and alone in a seemingly endless forest, finding serenity in her faith with the help of country music star Carrie Underwood. Kaylean Johnson experienced a brutal 8 days in the Little Naches Forest of Washington with no food or shelter. The woman was riding a motorcycle with a 60-year-old friend […] More

Beloved 1960s Hitmaker Dead At 75

Propelling to success with the band Steam‘s biggest hit turned iconic sports chant “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, one singer has passed away after a health decline from cancer. It was confirmed by TMZ that Gary DeCarlo, age 75, died while in hospice care at a location in Connecticut. Battling lung cancer, the […] More

Rory Feek To Make Musical Comeback For Noble Cause

Half of the country music duo Joey + Rory, Rory Feek has decided his re-entrance into the country music scene will involve an incredibly noble act as he performs for the first time since his wife’s passing. Joey Feek, the other half of the duo and wife of Rory, passed away in March of 2016 […] More

Garth Brooks Halts Concert After Noticing Fan’s Sign In Crowd

Country music icon Garth Brooks found himself speechless when his eyes stumbled upon a sign in the crowd that left him grasping for an answer! Holding a handmade sign before the singer’s stage, a bride-to-be proudly held her artwork that bared a bold message! “You gotta explain this to me because I hope this sign is […] More

Dierks Bentley’s 3-Year-Old Son Suffers Terrible Injury

Country music star Dierks Bentley was forced to cut his rehearsal short and book it to the doctor’s office after his son took a mighty tumble. The singer broke down the scary day during a media roundtable during his no. 1 party for his recent release “Black”, as reported by Taste of Country. Bentley began […] More

Sara Evans Debuts New Single Featuring 14-Year-Old Daughter

Country star Sara Evans spoke directly to women who had their time wasted by heartbreakers in a new single that packed a powerful surprise. The chilling tune titled “Marquee Sign” served as a venting session for wounded listeners, desperately wishing they had been gifted with a marquee sign to alert them of the pitfalls ahead […] More

Trisha Yearwood Revamps ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Tune With Country Twist

Country star Trisha Yearwood took her audience on a magical journey far from home when she serenaded her fans with an incredibly sweet performance of Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. The singer attended The Fragrance Foundation Awards where her breathtaking talent was far more powerful than any fragrance permeating the event. Wearing a striking […] More

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