79-Year-Old Grandma’s First Keg Stand Caught On Camera

There’s a first time for everything, as this 79-year-old grandma discovered when she opted into doing her first ever keg stand! The story sent viewers in a tizzy, applauding the fearless woman for grabbing life by the horns and refusing to miss out on an intoxicating memory she is sure to (hopefully) never forget! Muriel Holshevnikoff […] More

These Cutest Couples Stole The Show At The CMT Music Awards

It was a night of ravishing fashion and high spirits during the 2017 CMT Music Awards, bringing together no shortage of couples that had our jaws dropping and hearts afloat! While numerous stars were gifted with admirable awards for their achievements, we felt it necessary to give you a recap of the evening’s cutest couples that […] More

CMT Music Awards Announce Winner For Performance Of The Year

The CMT Music Awards were brimming with southern talent and country pride as stars were recognized for their admirable achievements. However, it was the Performance of the Year category that not only addressed stellar country artists, but also identified entertainers from other genres that teamed up with their twanging partners for performances that were deemed unforgettable. […] More

Brad Paisley Stuns Graduating Students With Hysterical Piece Of Advice

Country music star Brad Paisley crashed a high school graduation and sent a group of graduates off with hilarious, but very crucial, bits of advice. The singer greeted the tenacious group of 754 men and women, treating them to a performance of his various new hits and shedding his knowledge on their malleable minds. “If I […] More

Ray Stevens Honors Military In Emotional New Video

Country singer and comedian Ray Stevens strayed from his comical tendencies to produce a chilling video that packed an incredibly powerful “thank you” to our nation’s military on Memorial Day. Deriving from his 2010 album Thank You, the song of the same name packed a gratifying punch that not only thanked the military for their noble […] More

Ducklings Do The Unexpected After Mother Duck Leaps Into Water

A group of baby ducklings had social media roaring with laughter when their mother’s sudden leap into a pond of water led the young fuzz balls to swallow their fear and hysterically do the unexpected. As the 11 ducklings waddled closely behind their mother, they were soon faced with the edge of a bridge that […] More

Country Hunks Give Hilarious Farmer Spoof To ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Move over, Will Smith! These three farmers, and heartthrob hunks, revamped the iconic Fresh Prince theme song to perfectly capture their day to day tasks and experiences while abiding by their countrified upbringing. The Peterson Brothers had viewers rolling with laughter as their original lyrics to the notable tune addressed the boys’ day to day tasks on […] More