Carrie Underwood Shares Sneak Peek Of Sexy New Hair Do

Country music star Carrie Underwood has been sporting her beautiful blonde locks for the duration of her admirable career, although her latest update showed a darker side to the perhaps former blonde bombshell! Taking to her Instagram, Underwood showcased a mischievous facial expression as she casually sat in a salon chair with a freshly applied dye […] More

Soulful Beauty Gives Chilling Twist To Alan Jackson’s ‘Remember When’

One young girl gave her fans a spiritual awakening when she uploaded her angelic cover of Alan Jackson‘s “Remember When” on her YouTube channel. Arielle, the exceptionally talented singer, brought new life to the country music ballad when her vibrant vocals graced each lyric to produce perhaps one of the most inspiring performances of a Jackson tune we’ve […] More

Passionate Darius Rucker Brought To Tears Over Incredible Victory

Country music star Darius Rucker was brimming with tears of joy when a longtime passion served the singer with a glorious victory! A University of South Carolina alumni, Rucker has kept the Gamecocks near and dear to his heart despite his distant college days and the underdog status that looms over the college’s astounding basketball […] More

Best Dad Ever Teams Up With Daughter For Thrilling Dance Off

Joshua Samarco and his daughter Austynn took social media by storm when their daddy/daughter dance to the popular beat “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” gained national recognition and sent viewers into a laughing fit. Their initial viral video caught fans by surprise when what began as a clip of the Austynn showcasing her best moves unexpectedly transitioned into her country […] More

Unsuspected Little Boy Serenades Walmart With Outstanding Hank Williams Mashup

One little boy shocked Walmart customers when a normal shopping experience entirely transformed into an impromptu, live performance! 10-year-old Mason Ramsey sported a camouflage coat and stellar cowboy hat while sitting in a shopping cart and after being asked to sing some country classics, he happily obliged. It became incredibly clear that little Mason was anything but camera […] More

Carrie Underwood & Faith Hill Rock The Grammys Wearing Strikingly Similar Dresses

While the Grammys are a coveted time for artists to represent their musical masterpieces and desperately hope for the recognition to validate their hard work and efforts, the star-studded event is also a prime opportunity to showcase their best, or possibly worst, fashion creativity or catastrophe. Country music stars Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood have continuously found themselves praised […] More