Just Months After Her Death, Dale Jr. Gets Message From His Mom

Just a short time ago one of NASCAR’s best-known drivers and the son of a legend himself lost his beloved mother at just 65 years old. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller shared the news of their mother’s passing on April 22nd, 2019 with a message posted to their team’s website. The […] More

The Stars Of “Home Improvement” – Where Are They Now?

From 1991 until the summer of 1999, America was absolutely in love with one of the most-relatable and hysterical TV families they’d ever been introduced to – The Taylors. The Taylor family was at the center of the beloved ABC television show Home Improvement. Starring the always-funny Tim Allen as the show’s lead, Tim Taylor, […] More

Jeff Gordon Has 1 Son – And Looks Just Like His Dad

The former NASCAR superstar and Hall Of Fame inductee is the proud father of two beautiful children – and the proud husband to supermodel and actress Ingrid Vandebosch. His family life is one that is filled with bright moments and laughter – and his wife shares a lot of candid moments on her social media […] More

Police Warn Of Terrifying “Meth Gators” In Tennessee

Police in one Tennesee town are warning residents of a possible “meth gator” crisis that could occur if the town’s residents continue to flush their drugs into the city’s water system. Clearly a halfhearted joke, but also a serious warning, the Loretto Police Department posted a message to their official Facebook page that clearly outlined […] More

Kurt & Kyle Busch Duke It Out In Fight For Finish

Looks like one of the Busch brothers is going home a winner…and apparently will also be looking for another ride home! Just after this crazy neck-and-neck duel for the finish line, it appears that a pouting Busch brother has left his winning sibling on the track and taken his plane back home – leaving his […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter & Kids Tearfully Reveal Life After Beth’s Death

Just days after the emotional and heart-wrenching memorial service the family held in Colorado took place, Dog The Bounty Hunter and three of his kids sat down in their home for an intimate interview like you’ve never seen before. Part of the same series of clips that Entertainment Tonight had been releasing over the course […] More

Miley’s Plane Nearly Collides Mid-Air With Another Jet

In a brand new podcast episode, a terrifying ordeal that could have resulted in a tragic accident was revealed by one of the Cyrus sisters – and the details are truly chilling. Miley Cyrus’ older sister Brandi Cyrus opened up about the near-death incident while she and Miley with their mom Tish Cyrus were all […] More

Paralyzed IndyCar Driver Gets Behind The Wheel For 1st Time

Less than a year after a terrifying accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, this star IndyCar driver is getting behind the wheel again – and the whole story is a miraculous one. Robert Wickens’ crash happened during the 2018 ABC Supply 500 at Pocono – and the 29-year-old driver had just gotten to […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter Breaks Down Saying How Beth Prepared Him For Her Death

Sitting down in his Colorado home for an interview unlike anything you’ve seen before, the grieving widower of TV’s most-famous bounty hunting couple opened up about how his late wife tried to prepare him for her death. You all know how she is about HER NAILS !! pic.twitter.com/w8iWMYrWZd — Duane Dog Chapman (@DogBountyHunter) June 25, […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Son Hospitalized Weeks After Beth’s Death

Just a few short weeks after the passing of his beloved stepmother and fellow bounty hunter, Beth Chapman, the son of Duane “Dog” Chapman has been hospitalized following an injury sustained while bounty hunting a known fugitive. According to AL.com, the 42-year-old reality television star and his father, Dog, were chasing down a suspect and […] More

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