First Duck Dynasty Baby Shower Photos Show Off Daughter’s Growing Belly

Baby showers are always a fun occasion. For the Roberston family, the normal shower activities were extra fun as generations gathered together to celebrate the mom-to-be. An Honorary Robertson Rebecca Roberston might not have been born into the Duck Dynasty family – but she is definitely considered part of the crew. When she was only […] More

Joanna Gaines Shares Video Of Baby Crew Making His First Ornament

Joanna Gaines is a pretty savvy and creative lady. But while making Christmas ornaments with the newest addition to the family, Baby Crew – she forgot to look out for one thing that could have been disastrous! Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments One sweet keepsake that parents love to have is a handprint ornament from their […] More

Complete Stranger Ruins Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Christmas Tradition

Christmas is normally a time of cheer for families – a time when we come together to celebrate and take part in family traditions. Unfortunately, when you’re a celebrity, some of those traditions can get completely ruined by people you don’t even know… An Interview About Tradition During an interview with CMT Radio host, Cody […] More

Brittany Aldean Gives Glimpse Into Mom Life With New Baby Photo

Jason Aldean and wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean have one adorable kid on their hands. In a recent social media post, Brittany gave fans a glimpse into the Aldean family’s daily routine…bath time included! One Loved Little Man There is no denying that Memphis Aldean is one loved little boy. Between the awesome baseball-themed birthday parties […] More

Gwen’s Festive Duet Steals Blake’s Heart All Over Again

When Gwen Stefani left The Voice, we thought she’d never return. With her Vegas residency and new album, when was she going to find the time?! Well, somehow she did – and boy did she impress! Her Vegas Residency There is no doubt that Gwen is one busy lady…and she recently got a whole lot busier. […] More

Gwen Stefani Finally Returns To ‘Voice’ Stage

When Gwen Stefani left The Voice, fans were devastated. Between her rock and roll attitude and adorable romance with co-coach, Blake Shelton, her absence has definitely been a stab to the heart. Well, now she has plans to return to the show one more time… A Bittersweet Farewell Gwen definitely left her mark on The Voice. Her ability to […] More

Turkey Chases Off Postal Woman In 2016 Video

Around Thanksgiving, people fantasize about the large amounts of food they are going to consume on the holiday – the traditional main dish being, Turkey. Well, this one, in particular, wasn’t scared of being put on a plate. Heck! He even went after a poor, innocent mail carrier who was just trying to do her […] More