Old Dominion Lead Singer Hospitalized With Collapsed Lung

The lead singer of Old Dominion, Matthew Ramsey landed himself in the hospital after falling off a ladder. An image of the country artist sitting in a hospital bed was posted on the band’s official Instagram page. According to the post, he was changing a lightbulb when he fell off the ladder but he did […] More

Firemen Rescue Toddler Trapped Inside Antique Wooden Barrel

2-year-old, Dorian Strubing landed a visit to the emergency room after he got stuck in an antique wooden barrel during a visit with his grandparents. Evidently, curiosity had overcome young Dorian and he climbed into the barrel feet first and became wedged inside. The incident happened Saturday, May 1, 2021, near Portland, Tennessee. Sumner County […] More

Dog Dies Saving Country Musician From House Fire

Along with losing Frank, Scott lost several instruments, recording equipment, master tracks, and all of his personal belongings. The only things that survived were the instruments he had left in his truck from the gig prior.