Carrie Underwood Shares Challenges Of Traveling With A Baby

Carrie Underwood has been a busy mama this year! While traveling on her Storyteller Tour, Underwood has always had a special travel companion by her side…her 20-month old son, Isaiah. Since Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, has a packed schedule full of hockey games and other commitments, Underwood keeps Isaiah with her on the road until […] More

Following Hospital Stay, Tanya Tucker Suddenly Cancels Upcoming Concert

Tanya Tucker‘s tour came to a halt earlier this month when the singer entered the hospital after suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Tucker was set to perform on October 7 in South Dakota, but just an hour before the concert she was taken to a clinic and was later transported to a Nashville hospital to receive […] More

Will Carrie Underwood Talk Politics At The CMA Awards?

Carrie Underwood is set to co-host the highly anticipated 2016 CMA Awards alongside Brad Paisley Nov. 2 just days before the Presidential election. With almost every celebrity speaking out on their political views people are left wondering whether or not the traditionally private country music star will finally comment on her own views regarding the subject. […] More

Gwen Stefani Makes A Presidential-Sized Announcement

Watch out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…Gwen Stefani is coming to pay a visit! Stefani blew her fans away on Thursday when she made a presidential-sized announcement on social media. In a short video that revealed the pieces of the puzzle one by one, Stefani announced that she has been selected to perform at the White House. […] More

Man Behind ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’ Fame Loses Cancer Battle

It’s a song that’s woven deeply in the fabric of country music, and American music in general. Called “Cotton-Eyed Joe, Holly Everett writes in The Many Lives Of Cotton-Eyed Joe that the song pre-dates the Civil War. Many artists have recorded the song since it originated, including one man who earned the nickname “Mr. Cotton-Eyed […] More

Luke Bryan Finally Reveals Cause Of Frightening Injury

After a bike crash resulting in a broken clavicle occurring last Thursday, people have been left wondering what may have caused Luke Bryan’s disastrous fall. After keeping quiet about the details surrounding the crash, the country singer is finally opening up on the exact cause of his accident. The country singer revealed in an interview with Taste of […] More