Beloved Hymn Is Brought To Life By Talented ‘Voice’ Singer

The Voice / YouTube

Week after week, Team Kelly Clarkson‘s Kaleb Lee has delivered one strong performance after another. He started out on Team Blake, but was snatched up by the “I Don’t Think About You” singer as fast as she could.

The Kentucky native has stayed true to his country roots while on The Voice by performing songs like “Amazed,” “T-R-O-U-B-L-E,” and “Boondocks.” For the semifinal round of competition, Lee slowed it down a bit and took the audience to church with the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul.”

Lee played guitar while he was accompanied by a fiddle and pedal steel guitar, along with two backup singers. He showcased his vocals very well, earning himself a standing ovation after singing the final note.

Was the simple performance powerful enough to advance him the the finals? We certainly think so, but the competition is definitely heating up. With four competitors heading home, it’s hard to say who will stay. We hope Lee advances to the finals – he represents country music very well!

Watch his performance of “It Is Well With My Soul” below.