Carrie Underwood Dominates In One Of The Hardest Late Night Games

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

Who knew Carrie Underwood was this competitive?

One of the newer fan-favorite games that Jimmy Fallon plays on The Tonight Show is called “Name That Song Challenge.” He has only played this game with a handful of people, one being Blake Shelton back in March 2018.

How To Play “Name That Song Challenge”

Fallon’s house band, Grammy Award-winning group The Roots, help with this game by playing a song one instrument at a time. As time goes on, one more instrument joins in, until all members are playing. The competitors have to try to buzz in first to correctly name the song that The Roots are playing. If someone buzzes in and says the wrong song, the other person has a chance to steal.

Fallon completely dominated Shelton, especially when it came to a certain Gwen Stefani song that Shelton knew he’d get in trouble for not being able to recognize!

While stopping by The Tonight Show on Sep 14 to promote her latest album Cry Pretty, Carrie Underwood agreed to play the fun game with Fallon and A Simple Favor stars Blake Lively and Henry Golding.

She and Golding were up against Fallon and Lively, which seemed like a fair pairing – one music aficionado with a non-musical person.

Carrie – 1, Jimmy – 0

With the teams set, The Roots, who were joined by the New York Philharmonic for this special episode of The Tonight Show, played the first song one instrument at a time. While the first song was being played, Fallon immediately thought he knew what song it was, but refrained from hitting his buzzer.

After a couple more seconds, Underwood heard the recognizable hook and buzzed in as fast as she could, and confidently said, “‘Toxic’, Britney Spears.”

Songs #2 and #3

Fallon quickly earned a point for the second song after only mere seconds, correctly guessing Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” but humiliation set in during song #3, which Golding and Underwood named as Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.”

Being one of Timberlake’s best friends, Fallon fell to the ground in embarrassment, saying, “He’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me,” before trying to save face with his best bud, revealing “that’s my ringtone!”

The Final Song

After a couple more rounds, the score was now Underwood/Golding – 4, Fallon/Lively – 2.

Fallon announced the next song would be the last, and it would be worth 10,000 points, which seemed unfair since his team was down two points!

The talk show host and Lively correctly guessed the final song, meaning they won, but we know who the real winner was in this game – the “Love Wins” singer! She single-handedly won this game, without question!

Watch the full video below to watch Carrie’s total domination!