Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn’s Chemistry Is Off The Charts In Flirty Duet


There isn’t another pairing in country music quite like Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. We’ve seen them perform, at least on TV and in videos, many times and each time is like it’s the first. Their incredible chemistry draws you in and their amazing talent keeps you pressing “replay”.

In the video below, you can see why the two legendary singers continued the work together throughout their long, illustrious careers. Their chemistry was off the charts as they gazed back and forth during their duet of “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”.

It seems as though Lynn gave Twitty a big smooch on the cheek because the video begins with her wiping lipstick off his face, before saying, “Hit it, Conway!”

He sang the opening lyrics and Lynn followed, delivering an enjoyable and flirty rendition of their iconic hit.

No wonder there was always speculation as if these two were a couple – their chemistry is undeniable! Although they were always great friends the entire time they knew each other, their close relationship left fans dreaming about them being a country music power couple.

Watch their duet below!