Country Singer Angrily Stops Show Mid-Song To Break Up Fight That Left Woman On Floor

CDollar Videos / YouTube

Fans at Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte, North Carolina were expecting one heck of a show from their favorite country singer, Cody Johnson.

The “Dear Rodeo” singer has the fan base to sell out the NRG Stadium in Houston for RodeoHouston, but just a few days before that record-breaking gig (he’s the first unsigned artist to do so), he performed at Coyote Joe’s for a packed house of adoring fans.

In the middle of one of his songs, he noticed a fight starting in the front row, and he was not having it – especially when he saw who else was affected by the fight.

According to the description of the YouTube video, “An extremely drunk guy started a fight in the front row, sucker punching another man and a woman ended up on the ground hurt.”

Johnson walked to the side of the stage where the fight was breaking out and said sternly into the microphone, “Take your sh*t to the parking lot, or I will get off this f*cking stage right now. I’ve had a bad day, too. I’ve been wanting to slap the sh*t out of somebody all day long, but it don’t mean you can do it while I’m trying to provide for my family.”

If that’s a woman they just picked up off the ground, y’all oughta beat his ass in the parking lot,” he continued. “That’s definitely a woman…and if anybody don’t like what I’m sayin’, go somewhere else to somebody else’s show.

Despite his choice of words, Johnson is just looking out for his fans – his female fans, in particular – and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. His fans cheered him on for standing up for that woman as he walked back to center stage to continue his show.

Watch the whole interaction go down in the video below.

*Warning: Strong language*