First-Ever ‘Voice’ Trio & 14-Year-Old Singer Engage In Elegant Fleetwood Mac Battle

The Voice / YouTube

Sibling Group Becomes Show’s First Trio

Prior to Season 16 of The Voice, only solo singers and duos were allowed to compete. Other countries who have their own versions of The Voice have allowed trios to appear on the show in the past.

Finally, the U.S. Voice decided to introduce trios as well, starting in Season 16. The first-ever Voice trio made quite the impression during the blind auditions with their performance of Indigo Girl’s “Closer to Fine.”

The trio, named The Bundys, is a family group comprised of siblings Megan, Katey, and Ryan. Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson fell in love with their heavenly harmonies, and both turned their chairs for the group.

They ended up choosing Team Kelly, and prepared with their new coach to get ready for the battle rounds.

A Young Singer With A Strong Voice

Their battle rounds competitor was another one of the show’s most promising contestants. 14-year-old Mikaela Astel stunned the coaches with her blind audition performance of “Electric Love,” as she showcased a voice that has the power to speak straight to your soul.

When it was announced that The Bundys would be facing off against Astel in the battles, it was clear that both artists would have to bring their A-game in order to stand out. Surely there was an extra amount of pressure on the young Astel, who faced the challenge of competing against three voices rather than just one.

Clarkson chose the perfect song for the quartet, selecting Fleetwood Mac‘s “Songbird.” While it is a well-known track in the rock group’s history, it was only ever released as a B-side, not as a true single.

The song allowed Astel the chance to beautifully showcase the piercing, powerful quality of her voice. Because of her vocal power, she easily managed to hold her own in the performance while others would have faltered when paired with The Bundys.

A Tough Choice For Kelly

But the young artist’s performance wasn’t without flaws. Her nerves showed, and were obvious enough that all of the coaches pointed them out in their after-performance comments.

Shelton noted how he was certain that Astel’s performance had to have been even better in rehearsal, since then she wouldn’t have been under the same sense of pressure.

The Voice / YouTube

When it finally came time for Clarkson to make her choice, she said it was one she knew she was going to “hate.” But in the end, she had to choose someone she felt was prepared for the live shows. That someone, or rather,  those someones, were The Bundys.

In the end, Clarkson knew that Astel didn’t have the same sense of confidence that her older competitors did. Plus, she just couldn’t ignore The Bundys’ outstanding harmonies.

You can watch the four talented singers engage in their elegant Fleetwood Mac battle by tuning in to the video below. Do you think Clarkson made the right choice in keeping The Bundys over Astel?