Kelly Teases Blake During Interview, Gwen Stands Up & Says “Don’t Mess With My Man”

The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

In early November, it was revealed that John Legend had been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2019. It’s an honor that his fellow Voice coach, Blake Shelton, earned in 2017.

So it only seemed fitting that Shelton was the person who announced the news that Legend was named this year’s Sexiest Man Alive. And he did so on The Voice!

Naturally, when all of the Voice coaches and host Carson Daly stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show, Shelton and Legend’s Sexiest Man titles came up in conversation.

While interviewing her fellow coaches, Clarkson held up Shelton’s Sexiest Man cover and teased him for the way he held his arm behind his head in the photo. The picture shows off his signature deer track tattoo, which reminded Shelton of a dream he just had.

He told everyone he dreamt that his tattoo faded off of his arm, with no explanation!

After everyone got a good laugh out of that, Clarkson kept poking fun at Shelton. Holding Legend’s Sexiest Man cover in the air, she asked the “God’s Country” singer, “So how does it feel to be replaced by like, a real man?

Everyone laughed, but Gwen Stefani felt the need to at least pretend to defend her boyfriend. She got up out of her chair and walked toward Clarkson, saying, “Ok Kelly! Don’t mess with my man!

Shelton was amused by the whole situation, remarking that it reminded him of something you would see on The Jerry Springer Show.

You can watch the hilarious interaction unfold in the clip below. Keep watching after everything settles down to see the Voice coaches show what they looked like in high school!