Loretta Lynn & Marie Osmond Sing In Sweet Harmony To Your Favorite Country Classics

DavEvans066 / YouTube

As the only daughter in a family full of famous brothers, it makes sense that Marie Osmond forged her own path once she kicked off her musical career. While her brothers were known as pop stars, young Marie decided to make her musical debut as a country singer.

DavEvans066 / YouTube

At only 13 years old, Marie recorded what would be her first single, a cover of Anita Bryant’s pop song, “Paper Roses.” Released in August of 1973, Marie’s rendition of “Paper Roses” became a fast hit.

In fact, it caught on so fast that it managed to reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart just weeks after her 14th birthday. In doing so, the song made Marie the youngest solo artists to ever top that chart.

Just 11 years before, another country lady was making her mark with one of her earliest singles. That lady was none other than Loretta Lynn, and the song was “Success.”

Loretta had released a few singles before “Success” came out in 1962, but it was the song that truly set her career in motion. Up to that point it was the biggest hit she had to her name, since it reached the sixth spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

A series of more Top Ten hits followed, allowing Loretta to establish herself as a leading lady in country music.

Fast forward a few years, after both Loretta and Marie had hit it big with a number of other songs. Marie, who was hosting a televised country concert special, invited Loretta to join her to sing a few tunes.

They took a trip through Loretta’s musical heritage, showing the types of music that influenced her own style. As you all may know, country music shares a lot of overlap with genres such as folk, bluegrass, and gospel. These types of songs, and more, were the ones that Loretta and Marie sang together.

The duo started things off with the classic cowboy song “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” then moved into a rollicking rendition of Bill Monroe‘s bluegrass staple, “Y’all Come.” Later on in the medley, the two also delivered a peppy performance of the folk hit, “If I Had a Hammer.”

Mid-medley, Marie and Loretta took a break from singing in sweet harmony to perform some solos. In an interesting twist, they decided to sing each other’s songs, with Marie singing “Success” and Loretta singing “Paper Roses.”

The two closed everything off with an exceptional rendition of the beloved gospel song, “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” followed by a little rockabilly song as well. It was the perfect way to end a perfect performance!

Which one of the songs that they performed was your favorite? If it was “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” then you should definitely watch Elvis Presley perform it in the video below. His version is equally spectacular!