Man & Donkey Sing Duet To ‘Circle Of Life’ From The ‘Lion King’

Travis Kinley / Facebook

Lion King fever has spread around the world for the second time. And it’s all thanks to the reimagined version of the 1994 animated Disney classic.

The new version of the film features more “realistic” looking characters and an almost entirely new cast, with the only returning member being James Earl Jones (Mufasa).

Like the original film, the recent remake has been a massive box office draw. It has earned over $1.6 billion globally since its release.

While The Lion King remake has been raking in millions of dollars, one man has been raking in millions of views on a video that shows him singing one of the film’s iconic songs.

But the reason why so many people have watched Travis Kinley sing “Circle of Life” isn’t because of his vocal performance. Rather, its because of his unexpected duet partner who joins in midway.

That unexpected duet partner happens to be Travis’ donkey, Nathan. After hearing Travis’ powerful performance, Nathan decided to join in the fun, and began braying along with him!

Travis Kinley / Facebook

Travis seemed stunned to hear that his pet donkey was now singing along with him, shooting a look of surprise to the camera. He kept trucking through the song, and Nathan kept on singing too!

The pair’s Lion King-themed duet has swept the internet, and as of this writing, has been viewed six million times.

You can go ahead and check out the now-viral video below, and feel free to share it yourself once you finish. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!