Other Projects “Steel Magnolias” Cast Members Have Appeared In Since The Film’s Release

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A Country Fan-Favorite Movie

In 1989, an ensemble of talented actors came together for a film that has since earned a treasured place in the hearts of millions. That film was Steel Magnolias, which starred Sally Field, Julia Roberts, and country music icon Dolly Parton.

Steel Magnolias was originally written by American writer Robert Harling as a stage play based on the death of his sister, Susan. The play made its debut in 1987 and was later adapted into the film we all know and love.

The film’s leading stars earned great praise for their portrayals of their respective characters. Several of the cast members were nominated for awards, with Roberts winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture.

Over 30 years later, the stars of the movie have continued to excel in their careers. Aren’t you curious to know what some of them have been up to since filming wrapped on Steel Magnolias?

Well wonder no more, because we’re about to fill you in on where some of your favorite cast members are now. All you have to do is head down below to find out!

Kevin J. O’Connor (Sammy Desoto)

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Kevin J. O’Connor played Sammy Desoto in Steel Magnolias, the man who eventually ends up marrying Annelle Dupuy. The two characters first meet at the wedding reception for Shelby Eatenton and Jackson Latcherie.

O’Connor has starred in numerous films and television shows since he appeared in Steel Magnolias. He is perhaps best known for playing the role of Beni Gabor in the 1999 film The Mummy.

More recently, O’Connor played The Yellow Card Man in the 2016 TV mini-series 11.22.63, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Dylan McDermott (Jackson Latcherie)

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Dylan McDermott secured the role of Jackson Latcherie in Steel Magnolias, a lawyer who ends up marrying Shelby Eatenton. After marrying, the couple welcomes a baby boy, named Jack Jr. after his father.

Steel Magnolias was one of McDermott’s first roles, and he’s gone on to have a fruitful career since then. In 1999 he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Television Series Drama for his role as Bobby Donnell in the legal drama television series The Practice (1996-2004).

Other than The Practice, McDermott has also appeared in shows such as Hostages (2014-2015), Dark Blue (2009-2010), and American Horror Story (2011-2013). As for film, he has starred in notable titles such as Olympus Has Fallen (2013), Miracle on 34th Street (1994), and Texas Rangers (2001).

Tom Skerritt (Thomas ‘Drum’ Eatenton)

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Tom Skerritt took on the role as Thomas “Drum” Eatenton in Steel Magnolias, husband to Mary Lynn and father to Shelby. Skerritt has maintained a balance of film and television roles since then, appearing in over than 40 films and over 200 television episodes since 1962.

Skerritt is perhaps best known for his role as Sheriff Jimmy Brock in the television series Picket Fences (1992-1996). He earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the role in 1993.

In more recent years, Skerritt has taken on roles in television shows such as Madam Secretary (2015), The Good Wife (2014), and White Collar (2012).

Julia Roberts (Shelby Eatenton Latcherie)

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At this point, actress Julia Roberts needs no introduction. But Roberts was still a rising star when she was cast in the role as Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in Steel Magnolias. She won a Golden Globe Award for her role, sending her into instant stardom.

Since her role in Steel Magnolias, Roberts has gone on to become one of the most respected and awarded actresses in Hollywood. She became a household name in 1990 after she starred as the character Vivian Ward alongside Richard Gere in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman. The role remains her most recognizable.

Roberts has starred in a number of other successful projects, including Runaway Bride (1999), Erin Brockovich (2000), and Eat Pray Love (2010). Some of her more recent projects include voicing Smurf Willow in 2017’s Smurfs: The Lost Village, and appearing as the character Miranda Collins in the 2016 film Mother’s Day.

Olympia Dukakis (Clairee Belcher)

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Hard to believe it, but Olympia Dukakis’ career breakthrough didn’t happen until 1987, which is when she played and won numerous awards for her role as Rose Castorini in the Cher-led film Moonstruck. Two years later, she appeared as Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias.

After that, Dukakis’ resume quickly filled up with notable roles in film and television. Since Steel Magnolias, she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Frank Sinatra’s mother, Dolly, in the 1992 TV mini-series Sinatra. She has also earned Emmy nominations for her roles in the shows Lucky Day (1991), More Tales of the City (1998) and Joan of Arc (1999)

More recently, Dukakis played Aunt Vicky in the 2016 crime drama film The Infiltrator.

Daryl Hannah (Annelle Dupuy Desoto)

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Daryl Hannah played an aspiring beautician when she took on the role as Annelle Dupuy Desoto in Steel Magnolias. She was already an established star at the time, due in large part to her roles as Pris Stratton in the 1982 film Blade Runner and as a mermaid named Madison in 1984’s Splash.

Hannah’s star has continued to shine since she was in Steel Magnolias. She starred as Elle Driver in Quentin Tarantino’s famous Kill Bill films (2003-2004), and won a Saturn Award for that role. She has also appeared in notable titles such as A Walk to Remember (2002), Cowboy Up (2001), and Addams Family Reunion (1998).

As for her more recent projects, Hannah completed her role as Angelica Turing on the TV series Sense8 (2015-2018) and played the character Sarah Freidman in the 2018 drama film Papa.

Shirley MacLaine (Louisa ‘Ouiser’ Boudreaux)

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Shirley MacLaine played Louisa “Ouiser” Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias, the best friend to Clairee Belcher and the next-door neighbor to the Eatenton family. MacLaine was already an established actress at the time that she appeared in Steel Magnolias, with five Academy Award nominations and one win up to that point.

The actress’ career continued to flourish after she starred in Steel Magnolias. Like her co-star Olympia Dukakis, MacLaine also had a role in the 1999 mini-series Joan of Arc, in which she played Madame de Beaurevoir. In addition, MacLaine has appeared in titles such 2013’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and the 2005 film Bewitched.

Most recently, MacLaine played a character named Elf Polly in the 2019 Disney+ holiday film Noelle

Sally Field (Mary Lynn ‘M’Lynn’ Eatenton)

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Sally Field took on the film’s leading role as Mary Lynn “M’Lynn” Eatenton, the mother to Shelby. Field had previously found success as a television actress, and had first ventured into film through 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit.

More film roles and plenty of award nominations followed after Field appeared in Steel Magnolias. You likely recognize her from her roles as Mrs. Gump in 1994’s Forrest Gump, as Miranda Hillard in 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire, and as Nora Walker on the television drama Brothers & Sisters (2006-2011).

Field’s most recent project was in 2020, when she starred as Janice in the TV series Dispatches from Elsewhere.

Dolly Parton (Truvy Jones)

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Country superstar Dolly Parton is a woman of many talents, as she is also an accomplished actress. Her role as beautician Truvy Jones in Steel Magnolias came after successful roles in films such as 9 to 5 (1980) and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982).

Since Parton dedicates most of her time to her country music career, she hasn’t appeared in many more films since Steel Magnolias. But she has found the time to act in a few projects over the years, and has even crafted two television movies of her own, 2015’s Coat of Many Colors and 2016’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.

Parton also created a Netflix series based on her songs, titled Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (2019), and was the driving force behind the soundtrack for the 2018 film Dumplin‘.

Also since the release of Steel Magnolias, Parton has earned many Grammy Awards, been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and has released 15 studio albums, the most recent being 2017’s I Believe In You.

There you have it folks! That’s what the lead stars of Steel Magnolias have been up to these past few years! Have you seen any of their other projects? Tell us what your favorites are in the comments!