Tammy Wynette & Glen Campbell Duet On “Take Me Home, Country Roads” In 1986

MadMax 1861 / YouTube

When it comes to country music artists, Tammy Wynette and Glen Campbell are as legendary as they come. With countless number one hits and award wins between them, the two managed to leave a lasting impact on the genre that made them stars.

Although John Denver was known primarily as a folk artist, he helped influence country music as well. He managed to do so primarily through his iconic hit, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” The song was released in 1971 off of Denver’s album Poems, Prayers & Promises. Although the song only reached the 50th spot on the country chart, it managed to claim the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” went on to become one of Denver’s signature songs. It was eventually certified Platinum in April 2017, marking the sale of a million units. The Platinum certification came just months after the song was featured in the major country mashup “Forever Country,” which was released to honor the 50th CMA Awards in 2016.

But back in 1986, Wynette and Campbell teamed up to perform the song prior to an event for a different awards show, the ACM Awards. The ACMs were celebrating their 20th anniversary that year, and held a reunion concert to showcase some of country music’s biggest stars at the time. Wynette and Campbell served as the hosts of the event and kicked things off with “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

Denver’s original recording of the song maintains a mellow, smooth pace. Wynette and Campbell decided to kick things up a notch for their duet, which had a faster tempo and a fun-loving vibe.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any quicker, the tempo increased even more as the duo reached the end of their performance. Despite the fast pace, Wynette and Campbell managed to keep up perfectly.

The audience was loving every second of the duo’s performance. They could be seen enthusiastically clapping their hands along with the beat as Wynette and Campbell sang. Seems like everyone in the room was having a grand time!

Wynette and Campbell’s performance of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” will have you tapping your feet within seconds of starting it. You can check out the performance in the video below.

This is country music at its finest right here!