Woman Shares Video Of Moose On A Roof In Alaska

Kathy Donlan via Melissa Frey / Facebook

Now here’s something you don’t see every day.

Alaskan meteorologist Melissa Frey posted a video on Facebook that a woman named Kathy Donlan shared with her. This clip shows a bull moose walking on a roof!

The moose, which was spotted in Anchorage, somehow made his way on top of the snow-covered roof of a small house. Since the roof was completely flat, the moose was able to stroll across it with no trouble.

As Frey pointed out, the animal was accompanied by another moose who chose to remain on the ground. At the end of the short clip, you can see the moose turn around as he starts making his way to the edge of the roof.

Donlan clued Frey in to the fact that the ground on the back side of the building is higher than the ground on the front and sides. She says that’s how the moose was able to make his way on top of the roof.

Frey explained this when she shared the Donlan’s video, saying, “Eventually, he turns back around, probably the way he came where the ground is higher off the back.”

Two of the home’s former residents, Annie McMaster and Reina Strehl, confirmed this in the comments. They said moose used to walk on the roof when they lived there from 1989- 1995.

McMaster said the back of the house is level with the ground, which is how the moose are able to climb on the roof.

Melissa Frey / Facebook

Another person named Alexus Miller lived in the house for four years, and said “this happened all the time.”

For those of you who haven’t experienced what it’s like to see a moose on a roof, check out the video below. It’s such a wild sight to see!