Young LeAnn Rimes Breaks Hearts With Brilliant Performance Of ‘Blue’

Country Tunes / YouTube

LeAnn Rimes was only 11 years old the first time she ever recorded a little song named “Blue.” But that version isn’t the one the country fans know best, since it was released on her 1994 independent album All That.

The version of “Blue” that we all know and love was recorded when Rimes was 13, and was released on her debut album of the same title. Listeners were blown away by what they heard on the track, and the song turned Rimes into a star. It eventually reached the tenth spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and also snagged the 26th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

From that moment on, there was no denying Rimes’ talent. The song earned numerous awards in the months that followed, with the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Country Song going to its songwriter, Bill Mack. Mack also earned the 1996 ACM Award for Song of the Year and Rimes earned the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

After all of these years, “Blue” is often the first song that comes to mind when people think of Rimes. It left so much of an impression on country music that CMT listed it as one of the 100 greatest country songs of all time.

Watching old footage of Rimes performing the song shows why it took on such an iconic status. One throwback clip shows a teenage Rimes performing the song during an appearance on Prime Time Country, which was hosted by Christian singer-songwriter Gary Chapman. She was either 13 or 14 at the time, depending on when the episode was filmed.

Rimes controlled the stage with confidence beyond her years. Her voice also displayed a great sense of maturity, which was a huge part of the reason why her career took off so fast. People simply couldn’t believe that someone so young could have such a powerful voice!

We’re sure it will also be hard for you to comprehend the fact that Rimes was still just a young girl when she sang this. We sure can’t believe it!

Go ahead and scroll down below to catch Rimes’ dazzling throwback performance of “Blue.” We could listen to her sing it over and over again.