Adorable Little Cowboy Will Melt Your Heart With Insane Roping Skills

Kelly Watson Hindman Facebook

This adorable little man is showing what it takes to be a cowboy! This 3-year-old is determined to prove himself as he shuffles alongside a thick rope fastened to his imaginary horse that securely holds his less than real calf! The little tike uses his young creativity to believe the lifeless replica is, in fact, a raging beast that he must handle! Partaking in what is known as “calf roping”, the boy immediately lifts the faux calf and slams it to the floor, securing his grip with his knee!

He whips out his rope and begins to collect together the animals feet, quickly and methodically snagging the rope around the first foot, eventually incorporating the two back legs into tho mix!

The little cowboy takes the extra time to adequately loop his rope for safe measure before standing proudly over his work and eventually sprinting back to his horse! Perhaps the cutest part of this clip is this boy’s oversized belt buckle that seems to add an extra 10 pounds to his attire. However, he manages to work around the profound piece, evening lifting his cap upon completing the drill!

Watch the hilarious clip below and tell us what you thought!