Blake Shelton And Adam Levine Find Out Their Albums Are Released On The Same Day

The Voice/YouTube

One of the great things about the TV show The Voice is that the coaches are currently making music, so once the live shows begin, we will be able to see them perform their songs live before even their fans at live shows do.

Miley Cyrus recently released her album Younger Now, while fellow coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both have albums coming out soon. So soon, that they each wanted to gift the other with one of the first copies!

In a behind the scenes clip from The Voice, the two friends exchange CDs when Shelton tells Levine the release date of his album, Texoma Shore, “Mine comes out on November 3rd.”

You’re kidding right?! That’s the same day as ours is coming out,” he says, in reference to his band Maroon 5’s album Red Pill Blues.

“Well, I’m sorry. That’s gonna squash you guys, I didn’t even realize,” Shelton tells his pal.

“I was gonna say, I feel bad for you because we’re gonna sell more albums than you are,” Levine rebuttaled.

To make it a little more interesting, Levine challenged Shelton to a friendly bet. They agreed that the loser would have to do something during the next live show of The Voice, which is coming up because it is currently in the knockout rounds.

Shelton told Levine, “If I sell more albums than you, then you have to call me ‘Captain Country’,” and Levine replied, “If I sell more albums than you, you have to call me ‘The Greatest There Ever Was’.”

Shelton also made fun of Red Pill Blues‘ album art, saying that it looked like a child scribbled on each of the band member’s faces, while Levine joked that Shelton looked as though he was standing in front of a swamp on his.

They continued back and forth with the insults until they shook on the terms of their bet, making it official. Watch the full clip below.