A List Of Over A Dozen Country Stars’ Middle Names

It’s easy to forget about our middle names. Since they aren’t referenced that often, two people can go for some time without ever knowing what the other’s middle name is. The same is true when it comes to our favorite celebrities. We can be fans of theirs for years, but spend all of that time […] More

7 Unique Facts About ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’

Two years after making her acting debut in the comedy film 9 to 5, country superstar Dolly Parton¬†further established herself as an actress by starring in the musical comedy The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. She played Miss Mona Stangley, the woman in charge of running the “Chicken Ranch” brothel in the town of Gilbert, […] More

6 Times Jamey Johnson Proved That He’s A Total Badass

Country singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson made his debut back in 2005. Since then, he has provided country music with one top-notch song after another. Johnson is equally accomplished as a singer and songwriter. In addition to writing his own material, Johnson has penned songs for some of the brightest stars in country music. As a result […] More

7 Things Y’all Probably Never Knew About Luke Bryan

Fun Facts About A Leading Country Star When it comes to country music, few artists can match the level of fame that Luke Bryan has right now. Since his debut in 2007, Bryan has managed to sell over seven million albums and over 27 million singles worldwide. In addition to his impressive sales totals, Bryan […] More

9 Artists From Other Genres That Have Snagged A #1 Country Hit

As a pop music group, we bet you never would have imagined that the Backstreet Boys would have a number one country hit. Well as of June 2017, they do. That number one hit comes in the form of their collaboration with country duo Florida Georgia Line, titled “God, Your Mama, and Me.” The song’s […] More

7 Times Toby Keith Was The Definition Of Bad Ass

Since his debut in 1993, Toby Keith has proved time and time again how much of a bad ass he is! He’s unapologetically patriotic in songs like “American Soldier” and “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”, and often brings out veterans or active military members on stage with him. He built a very successful […] More

5 Times Chet Atkins Proved He Was “Mr. Guitar”

Many people in the country world have nicknames including The Possum, The Man In Black, Bocephus, and Whisperin’ Bill. The legendary Chet Atkins was so talented and smooth, he had two – “Mr. Guitar” and “The Country Gentleman”. He was known as “Mr. Guitar” because of the incredible skill he possessed on the musical instrument. […] More

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Footloose’

In 1984, there was a new movie out that had everyone wanting to “kick off their Sunday shoes.” That movie was Footloose, which starred Kevin Bacon in the lead role as dance-lovin’ teen Ren McCormack. Footloose is set in the fictional town of Bomont, Utah, a small, rural community with a strict set of rules. […] More