Did Jason Momoa Actually Sing In His T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad?


Jason Momoa showed off his singing and dancing skills in new Super Bowl ad

Aquaman actor, Jason Momoa, starred in a new ad aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb 11) titled “That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling.” Alongside Scrubs co-stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison, the trio sing and dance their way through a hilarious musical number to the tune of Irene Cara’s “What a Feeling” from the film Flashdance.

While filming the commercial, the actors sat down with PEOPLE to talk about how the project came about. Momoa said that he was first pitched the idea with a homemade “short film” made by Braff and Faison that was produced on an iPhone.

Momoa recalled:

“It was well-crafted. I had never had a pitch like this, and I was cracking up watching it because I was like, did these guys put this together? It was beautiful.” 


Jason Momoa was apprehensive about singing for the role

Jason Momoa, who is generally cast for action and adventure roles, said that even though he loved the idea, his first thought was:

“I can’t sing — they’re going to have to find someone to sing. I’ve never sung on anything before!”

Momoa also revealed that he did not learn that he would be dancing until he arrived on set to shoot the ad. However, he shared that his co-stars were “so supportive” and that working with the team behind the project was like “coming into a family.”



The vocals in the T-Mobile ad were sung by Jason Momoa himself

Momoa’s character in the commercial shows off his pipes and has a particularly impressive riff that left fans wondering whether or not the Aquaman relied on his own singing skills for the gig.

Zach Braff confirmed to CNN that he, Momoa, and Faison all used their real voices in the ad. He clarified:

“Donald has the most insane voice… Autotune is helping me and Jason out a bit, but yeah, we’re all singing.”

Additionally, Braff shared that everyone was very impressed with Momoa’s dance moves and musical abilities, adding that the choreography only took Momoa about five minutes to learn and that he “hit all those notes.”

See Jason Momoa in the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad below!