Luke Bryan’s Wife Falls Off Bicycle After He Scares Her

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

It’s no surprise that Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are a couple of pranksters.

For the past couple years, they partake in what they call the “12 Days of Pranksmas,” where they prank not only each other, but other members of their family.

One of Caroline’s most popular pranks among her growing social media following is the soap bar prank, where she paints clear nail polish on her husband’s soap bar before he takes a shower. This makes the soap unable to lather – and makes the person being pranked very confused!

For the most part, Caroline is the pranker, not the prankee, but this week Luke turned the tables on her and got her good!

Because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, most of the country is quarantined with their families and Caroline has been documenting some of what she and the Bryan family has been up to, and she’s just about had it with her kids.

During the quarantine in April, Caroline went for what she thought would be a “peaceful [bike] ride during quarantine season.”

In a video posted to her own Instagram page, Luke is driving his truck closely behind Caroline on her bicycle. He can be heard saying, “She’s about to get train-horned and she doesn’t know it!

Bryan then honked his horn – which sounded like an actual train – and as planned, it scared the living daylights out of his wife! So much so that she fell off her bicycle.

Caroline tried to save herself by veering onto the grass, but that only made things worse. Don’t worry, Luke stopped to ask if she was okay! Her response? Flipping him off.

Watch the funny video below.