Nicole Kidman Responds To Rumors That She And Keith Urban Are Leaving Nashville


When you are as big a celebrity as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are, sometimes the media gets ahold of a tiny bit of information and runs with it. Luckily, they are both interviewed regularly at events so they can pretty much confirm or deny rumors very quickly.

In 2017, rumors began swirling that Urban had purchased a $39 million townhome in Manhattan as a surprise for his wife who had dreams of starring in a Broadway show. Metro UK was one of the publications reporting the news, saying the house had seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a grand oak staircase, and large kitchen. They also alleged the purchase was to provide their two children, Sunday (9) and Faith (6), with better education.

Kidman was being honored with the Actress Tribute Award at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in November 2017 and caught up with an Extra TV reporter, who did not beat around the bush about those million-dollar rumors.

Rumor has it you’re moving to Gotham,” the reporter said to Kidman, using the nickname of New York City.

“No, no. That’s definitely a wrong rumor, so I’m glad to put it to rest,” she responded quickly. “No, we’re staying put in Nashville. It’s a good town for us.”

The married couple of eleven years have called Nashville home for some time now because of Urban’s career as a country music singer. She continued, “We love New York City, but we’ve got our roots in Nashville.

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Even though the interview took place in 2017, it still couldn’t be more true! This family has no plans of leaving Nashville!

Watch her squash the rumors below.