Kellie Pickler’s Father Dead At 54: Reports

Country music princess and former American Idol standout, Kellie Pickler, has lost another family member – her father. And he was just 54 years old. Pickler, who was raised by her paternal grandparents, sadly lost her grandmother in 2002 to lung cancer. Her grandfather, Clyde Pickler Sr. is still alive today. Posted by Bo Pickler […] More

Drone Flies A 360 Around Tornado In Highlands, Texas

When a lot of us see a tornado, we get as far away from it as possible…but we all know that there is a special group of people who actively chase them down – and they’re called storm chasers. With the advent of technology, we have almost mastered the ability to measure and collect data […] More

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Mia Robertson To Undergo Surgery

The Duck Dynasty family is asking for your prayers. Jase and Missy Robertson appeared with Jase’s family on the hit reality show Duck Dynasty from 2012-2017. The married couple of almost 30 years are parents to Reed, Cole, and Mia. Their sons have both either married or moved out of the house, while Mia is […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter Home From Hospital, Rep Confirms

Dog the Bounty Hunter is finally home after chest pains sent him to the hospital over the weekend. TMZ reported that Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, was admitted to a Colorado hospital after experiencing chest pains. At the time of the report, doctors were running tests to figure out the cause of Dog’s […] More

Rory Feek’s Daughter Heidi Weds Singing Partner Dillon Hodges

Rory Feek was married once before he met and fell in love with his future singing partner and wife, Joey Martin. That first marriage produced two children, daughters Heidi and Hopie. After Rory split with his first wife, he raised the girls on his own. So when Joey came into the picture she took Heidi […] More

Woman Eats Her Engagement Ring In Her Sleep

In the midst of a harrowing nightmare that involved her fiancé, a sketchy high-speed train, and a bunch of bad guys – young Jenna Evans apparently swallowed her engagement ring. Was it just a dream? Well – yes…and no. According to Jenna in a now-viral post on Facebook – she was having this nightmare. And […] More

Report: Dog The Bounty Hunter Hospitalized For Heart Problems

Just two months after his wife’s tragic passing in June from throat cancer, and weeks after his new tv show debuted – and Dog The Bounty Hunter was hospitalized with serious heart problems. In a report from TMZ, the reality tv star and famous bounty hunter was admitted to a Colorado hospital after getting serious […] More

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