Wild Sambar Deer Said To Be Extinct In 1940 Spotted In Singapore

Rare Sambar Deer Spotted In Singapore In Singapore the other day a local was driving down the road when they spotted a deer walking. They took out their phone to start filming the majestic beast and as they got closer realized it was a rare, thought to be extinct wild Sambar deer. SAMBAR DEER AT […] More

13-Foot, 1000LB Gator Snagged By South Carolina Man

Weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds, this massive beast from the bayou is believed to be one of the largest ever taken in the entire state of South Carolina. Chapin native, Hunter Neeley, and his friend Crick Hooker went out on Saturday, September 28th, 2019 to hunt gators out on Lake Moultrie. They started […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter Welcomes Great Grandson In New Episode

Even amid all the health problems and tragedy the Chapman family has faced in recent months, they still have a great reason to celebrate – they’ve welcomed a brand new family member! Dog The Bounty Hunter and his family have been recording a brand new show for the last year or so and getting ready […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter, Bonnie Chapman, Hospitalized

The young daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman and his late wife Beth Chapman was hospitalized earlier this week – just shortly after the world found out that Dog was suffering from a serious heart condition. The Chapman family has endured a lot of heartache, tragedy, and bad news over the last few months. View this […] More

Pregnant Horse Shot & Killed – Police Offer Reward For Info

Just two days ago, a Colorado sheriff’s office revealed the tragic passing of a local pregnant mare who had been shot and killed while in her pasture. The law enforcement office, which is based in Telluride, Colorado, also explained that they were offering a $1,000 reward for information that would identify the criminal. The San […] More