Tap Dancing Fiddle Girl Plays “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Hillary Klug, an awesome fiddler from Tennessee, posted an incredible video of herself on Facebook, tap dancing and playing the fiddle on a dock right beside the river. She says she’s a dancing fiddler who’s proud to preserve her heritage. “I’m a dancing fiddler! I’m proud to preserve my Tennessee music heritage and share with […] More

Eight Volunteers Rescue A Moose Trapped In Oil

In a video published by The DoDo on July 22nd, 2020, a group of 8 people joined forces to rescue a moose trapped in black oil. The rescue wasn’t an easy task. Out of the 8 people, four of them tried to pull the moose from his front legs and his head towards the embankment. […] More

Baby Bear Confused By Why He Can’t Come Into Man’s House

Christian Pondella, an adventure sports photographer from Mammoth Lakes, California was home with his family, outside on the back deck talking to a friend on the phone when, all of a sudden, a wild bear appeared and walked right up to the deck. “He walked right up the back deck while I was sitting out […] More

“Rare” Yellow Turtle Found In India

Local residents in Balasore district, India woke up last Sunday with a very rare animal discovery: a yellow turtle. Asian News International (ANI) posted a communication about the turtle as well as several pictures where the turtle looks more like a lemon than like a reptile. The turtle’s color and absence of pigmentation amazed people […] More

Mother & Son Risk Life To Get Wallet From Gator Pit

A family was filmed breaking into an alligator enclosure on Saturday, July 19th, 2020, at the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota. Watch: Mom, son jump into alligator enclosure to retrieve wallet at Brainerd zoo https://t.co/AFlOam0Bni — Jenny Berry (@SomethinBerry) July 21, 2020 Apparently, the mother lost her pink wallet and it somehow was […] More

Grand Ole Opry Announcer Eddie Stubbs Announces Retirement

Eddie Stubbs, longtime Grand Ole Opry announcer and WSM Radio deejay, announced his retirement Tuesday (July 21). Once dubbed “the most recognizable voice in country music,” Stubbs will end his 25-year run at the end of this month. Stubbs grew up in Maryland where he learned to play the fiddle. In 1978, at just 16-years-old, […] More