2019 Winner For Video Of The Year Unveiled At ACM Awards

History Behind Recognizing Country Music Videos While the CMT Music Awards are devoted almost entirely to honoring music videos, other country music awards shows take time to honor the effort and creativity that goes into making such clips. But such awards are relatively new in the grand scheme of things. How new are we talking? […] More

2018 CMA Award For Music Video Of The Year Announced

With every great song that is written comes a music video waiting to visually tell its story. With a genre like country, there is a reoccurring theme of love songs, breakup ballads, and party anthems leaving plenty of room for creative music videos. At this year’s 52nd Annual CMA Awards, there was plenty of talent to be […] More

7 Biggest Snubs Of The 2016 CMA Nominations

We all know that this year’s CMA nominations lack some of the biggest names in country music, but out of all the missing acts…who got snubbed the hardest? Well, we’ve outlined the top seven snubs of this year’s nominees according to industry insiders! Overall the nominations are spectacular, but there are definitely spaces that tons […] More