Sara Evans Debuts New Single Featuring 14-Year-Old Daughter

Michael Zoltowski/ Youtube

Country star Sara Evans spoke directly to women who had their time wasted by heartbreakers in a new single that packed a powerful surprise. The chilling tune titled “Marquee Sign” served as a venting session for wounded listeners, desperately wishing they had been gifted with a marquee sign to alert them of the pitfalls ahead of their disastrous relationship.

Serving as her debut single for her upcoming album Words, the lively song evokes an abundance of passion, power, and the motivation to kick your sorrow to the curb and leave your heartbreak at the door! Serving as a musical therapy session for those struggling through their breakup, Evans laments about painful heartache that would have been eliminated had she been granted the sign she needed to hit the road.

If you woulda been lit up like a marquee sign / Coulda saved myself some wasted time / From the minute I found you / If it’d been written out in black and white / Maybe then I would have told my mind / Not to get wrapped around you,” she sang

Providing back up vocals, Evans’ 14-year-old daughter Olivia graced the track and produced a powerful performance alongside her beloved country star mother. The two are familiar with side-by-side performances, recently taking to Evans’ album release party to perform a chilling duet of “Tennessee Whiskey”. The audience was stunned by the young girl’s talent, no doubt an inherited gift from her mother.

The new album is expected for release in July! You can listen to Evans’ new single below and be sure to tell us what you thought of the track!