Young Woman Shares Cover Of Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train,” Earns Thousands Of Views

Madelyn Victoria YouTube Channel

When Madelyn Victoria was born on September 2, 1990 in Harlingen, Texas, the doctor had country music playing the whole time. “I think that’s the coolest thing, and one of the many reasons why I love Country music so much,” she told CMT.

It was clear from an early age that Victoria was born to sing country music. She performed in public for the first time when she was only five years old, and became the lead vocalist of her church at the age of 14. In the years since then, she’s developed a strong presence on YouTube and social media with her covers of country hits such as George Strait‘s “Amarillo by Morning.”

I sing because I believe I have a talent from God and hope to be like a shining light to this world, making as many friends as I can, and to be a role model for young girls and women everywhere,” she said.

Victoria’s brother will frequently appear in her cover videos. He often plays guitar for her, like he did in her cover video for “Amarillo by Morning.” Victoria knows how to play the guitar as well, and put those skills on display in a captivating acoustic cover of another country hit.

Released in May 2003, “Long Black Train” was Josh Turner‘s second single. A story of redemption, “Long Black Train” was written entirely by Turner himself. He became an overnight sensation after the song rolled into the Top 20 on the country chart.

Since Turner has such a deep voice, “Long Black Train” can be difficult for most people to cover and still make it sound right. But Victoria was up to the challenge.

In 2011, Victoria posted a video of herself singing “Long Black Train” in her bedroom as she played the guitar. While her voice certainly isn’t as deep as Turner’s, she has one extraordinary range. We got chills when we heard her hit those low notes, and we’re sure you will as well.

What makes Victoria’s cover particularly enchanting is the amount of passion she pours into her performance. She put real feelings behind every word she sang, and it shows. That’s the number one thing that separates great artists from the rest.

Go ahead and scroll down below to catch Victoria’s cover of “Long Black Train.” This gal is the future of country music!

If you’d like to see more from Victoria, you can follow her official Facebook page by clicking here.