World Mourns Loss Of Famous ‘Grumpy Cat’

The Internet Loses A Shining Star Today, the world mourns the loss of one of the most well-known internet sensations…a seven-year-old cat named Tardar Sauce. But you best know her as “Grumpy Cat.” — Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) May 2, 2019 In 2012, Grumpy Cat went viral when photos of her circulated on the internet […] More

The Chick-Fil-A Item You’ve Missed Is Finally Back…But Not For Long

Chick-Fil-A Changes Up Its Menu While you can count on most Chick-Fil-A menu items being available year-round, some customer-favorite treats are only available on a seasonal basis. And others, like the now-defunct Frosted Sunrise drink, make a limited-time appearance on the menu and then disappear forever. Any time's a good time to try the New […] More

Laine Hardy Ditches Guitar To Deliver Dreamy Elton John Love Song

The Guitar The Helped Laine Along Laine Hardy wouldn’t be where he is today without his guitar. That may sound dramatic, but anyone who has watched the young American Idol star’s journey from the start knows how true that statement is. Hardy originally auditioned for the first season of the Idol reboot in 2018. He […] More

Adam Levine Shares Harsh Opinion Of New ‘Voice’ Cross Battles

The Voice Makes A Change Causing Disadvantage In an effort to change things up this season, The Voice introduced a brand-new phase of the competition to replace the longstanding knockout rounds. This phase, called the cross battles, occurred live and pitted contestants against singers from opposing teams, rather than their own teammates. Viewers then voted […] More

Texas Officer Soothes Injured Police Horse In Final Moments

Houston Officers Loses Horse Partner In Horrible Accident Humans and their four-legged friends often share a special, unbreakable bond. It’s a bond that lasts for years on end, which is what makes it so heartbreaking when they have to say goodbye. If you’ve ever lost a pet before, you know how much it hurts when […] More

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