Miranda Lambert Promotes New Song With Video Of Shirtless Husband

Miranda Lambert has a new single out, and she wants to make sure that everyone knows about it. Lambert first shared the news of the song’s release date and title through one of her signature “Glam Jam” videos. The singer has shared many such videos through the years, which show her and her team lip […] More

Study Proves Your Spouse Loves The Dog More Than You

Dogs didn’t earn the title of “man’s best friend” for no reason. People love their dogs, and dogs love them unconditionally in return. Our favorite furry companions share our homes and our lives, so it’s no wonder why we have the tendency to develop such strong bonds with them. And one survey is showing just […] More

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Son Breaks Silence After Hospitalization

Mere weeks after his stepmother Beth Chapman passed away, Leland Chapman, the 42-year-old son of Duane “Dog” Chapman, was severely injured and had to be hospitalized. According to AL.com, Leland was injured while participating in his first bounty hunt since Beth passed away. He and Dog were chasing down a known fugitive in Adams County, […] More

Chris Stapleton Teams Up With Ed Sheeran For Thrilling New Song

Back in June, it was revealed that country powerhouse Chris Stapleton had plans to release a new song with two big-name collaborators…Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. Even though they don’t make country music themselves, Sheeran and Mars share ties to the genre. Mars grew up as a young Elvis Presley impersonator, and Sheeran has often […] More

15-Foot Snake On The Loose For 2 Weeks & Counting…

A massive snake is currently on the loose, and it has somehow managed to avoid the police over the course of two weeks. In mid-June, authorities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, began searching for the snake after it was sighted three times in one day. There was a great sense of urgency to find the snake, since […] More

Dog Chapman Announces Possible Date Wife Beth Will Be Laid To Rest

Beth Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife to Duane “Dog” Chapman, will soon be laid to rest. The beloved reality TV star died on June 26 after a multiple-year battle against throat cancer. She passed away in Hawaii, a place she came to know as a second home. “It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, […] More

Pregnant Deer Gives Birth To Triplets, Including Rare Albino Fawn

Tracy Baker of Miles City, Montana got the chance to witness something extraordinary on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday. Baker was stunned to see a female deer giving birth in a large, grassy area, and observed that she had not one, but two babies with her. It’s not at all uncommon for does to give birth […] More

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