Luke Bryan Addresses His Nasty Onstage Fall

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Luke Bryan Jokes He “Busted [His] A–” In Recent Onstage Fall

Luke Bryan is no stranger to onstage falls. In fact, the American Idol judge has fallen onstage (and also, off of the stage) several times.

Bryan is incredibly active when he performs. The singer is known for dancing and running around during his concerts. That naturally leads to a few more onstage falls than most other artists.


Luke Bryan addressed his recent onstage fall
Luke Bryan / Facebook

Recently, Bryan experienced a nasty onstage fall during a concert in Canada. Video taken during the concert shows Bryan walking around before he slipped and fell on his back.

Thankfully, Bryan wasn’t hurt. He initially thought he tripped on someone’s cell phone, and joked, “My lawyer will be calling.”

He also played a video another fan took of his fall, and poked fun at himself. “Hey I needed something viral!” he said. “This is viral!”

Luke Didn’t Slip On A Cell Phone After All

Bryan was no worse for wear after his fall. He filmed American Idol the following day (April 21). Host Ryan Seacrest joked with him about the incident, prompting Bryan to say it resulted from “good old-fashioned foolishness.”

Bryan spoke with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for Monday’s (April 22) episode of Idol. He took the moment to address his fall and clarified the initial belief that he had tripped on someone’s phone.

Everybody is reporting [about the] cellphone, but I was kind of hamming that up,” he said. “I don’t think it was a cellphone. I think it was just slick.”

He shared more details in an interview with Extra, saying:

I keep my water bottles down there, and I think a water bottle may have spilled. But whatever, it was slicker than a banana peel. It’s a cheap way to get a viral moment going at the expense of my body.”

Funny enough, Bryan just had his back worked on before his onstage fall. He joked with Entertainment Tonight:

“…when I hit the ground, I was like, ‘Oh!’ The first thing [I thought] was, ‘Oh God, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out!'” 

But Bryan seems to be doing fine, and he continued to make light of the situation:

“I need viral moments, you know?” he said. “My new single is ‘Love You, Miss You, Mean It.’ Now I gotta get the bumper sticker made — ‘I busted my a– and this is my new single.'”

That being said, you can listen to Bryan’s new single “Love You, Miss You, Mean It” in the clip below. We’re glad he’s feeling alright after his fall!