10 Times Country Artists Fell While Performing Live

(Left) whodis88 / TikTok/ (Center) J Addington / YouTube / (Right) natalyajaye_ / TikTok

Country artists are human too. Just like the rest of us, they sometimes trip, stumble, and fall. Unlike the rest of us, sometimes country stars fall in front of thousands of people…and those people film the entire thing.

It often makes the news when an artist takes a tumble onstage. In some extreme cases, they actually fall OFF of the stage.

When this happens, some country stars are able to shake it off and immediately go back to performing without missing a beat. You know what they say, the show must go on!

Look back at ten times country singers fell while performing live, and see how each artist handled the situation.

Tim McGraw Tumbles Off The Stage In Arizona

@whodis88 Helluva concert good ol @timmcgraw put on last nt. Glad he was ok and was up meeting the crowd. #timmcgraw #dadsoftiktok #navajonation #navajotiktok #bootsinthepark #tempeaz #arizona #countrymusic #foryou #xyz123 ♬ I Like It, I Love It – Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw was headlining the 2022 Boots In The Park festival in Arizona when this fall occurredAfter kneeling to point at something, McGraw lost his balance and fell off the stage.

Security guards tried to catch McGraw, but couldn’t. Thankfully, he was fine after the fall, and handled it in stride. He took the opportunity to greet the fans in the front rows near the spot where he fell. Talk about making the best of a bad situation!

Kane Brown Falls Onstage After Being Hit With A Boot

This fall was a little more controlled than the others on this list…but still pretty painful.

Kane Brown was performing in Wichita, Kansas in 2023 when he fell onstage after being hit with a boot. As Brown explained to Bobby Bones of The Bobby Bones Show, a well-meaning fan asked Brown to sign her boot. He agreed, and asked her to wait a second.

Something got lost in communication between the two as Brown turned his back. When he turned around, the fan chucked her boot at him, and unfortunately had bad aim. She hit Brown in the place where the sun don’t shine…and he fell to the stage in pain.

Surprisingly, Brown managed to continue singing after the incident, although he did have to lay down for a second. He told Bones he “hit the highest note of his life” in that moment. Of course, attendees captured the whole thing on video.

Dierks Bentley Takes A Tumble On Valentine’s Day

Dierks Bentley wiped out onstage while performing in Gainesville, Florida on Valentine’s Day in 2008. He seemed to trip over something, and fell flat on his back.

Surprisingly, Bentley hardly seemed fazed by the fall. He kept singing with barley any hint of hesitation.

Since this was 2008, it was a little less likely that someone would have a camera out to capture Bentley’s fall on film. But one attendee did, and they shared the video on YouTube.

Another concertgoer found the clip, and commented:

“HAHA! Thank you so much for posting this. We were sitting in the 11th row and from our vantage point couldn’t tell that he actually fell. We thought he was just lying down to be funny but then he started talking about YouTube.”

Morgan Wallen Falls While Singing “Heartless” In Kentucky

Morgan Wallen was performing in Louisville, Kentucky in 2023 when he suffered a nasty fall onstage. Wallen was in the middle of singing “Heartless” when he lost his balance and fell so hard his mic popped.

He attempted to get up right away, but stumbled in the process. He kept himself from falling a second time, and jumped right back into singing.

Garth Brooks Wipes Out While Jumping Over Set Piece

As much as Garth Brooks runs around when he’s performing, it’s a wonder he doesn’t fall all the time. He has so much energy! Hence the reason why he’s won countless Entertainer of the Year Awards.

Brooks did deal with a small wipeout onstage in Oklahoma City in 2017. He attempted to jump over a set piece, but failed and fell next to the drummer’s cage. Brooks remained down for just a moment before he popped back up and continued singing with the same energy as before.

Thomas Rhett Falls Into Crowd In Virginia

Thomas Rhett misjudged where the edge of the stage was located while performing “Southside” in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2016. Thankfully, the crowd was right there to catch him when he fell.

Rhett handled the whole thing flawlessly. He kept singing while fans held him in their arms. Of course, everyone got their phones out to capture what happened!

Carrie Underwood Tumbles After Her Shoe Gets Caught In Her Sweater

Carrie Underwood was really getting into her performance of “Undo It” during a show in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 2013. She went to stomp her feet to the beat of the music, but the heel of her shoe got caught in her long sweater.

Underwood fell on her butt, but didn’t miss a note in the process. She kept singing from her spot on the ground, eventually got up, and finished the show.

Later, Underwood poked fun at her clumsiness on Twitter and revealed she sprained her foot. Ouch!

Keith Urban Slides Off The Stage In Mississippi

Keith Urban was excited to see his fans at his 2011 show in Biloxi, Mississippi. He went to greet people in the front row, and slid off of the stage in the process.

Urban fell into the crowd. Someone who appeared to be a security officer helped him back onstage and made sure he was alright.

One YouTube user who happened to capture Urban’s fall on film said “he was ok and laughed it off and went on giving a great show.”

Luke Bryan Falls Into Crowd While Trying To Catch A Beer

Unfortunately for Luke Bryan, we could have made this whole list about him. Since he loves to dance and move around during shows, he’s taken his fair share of tumbles over the years. But he always handles each one so well!

Bryan was performing in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2014 when he attempted to catch a beer tossed to him. The attempt was an epic fail, and Bryan fell off the stage into the pit.

People screamed in shock and excitement as Bryan took a second to process what happened. The ladies in the crowd jumped at the chance to touch the “Shake It” singer.

Bryan’s buddies eventually helped hoist him back onstage, and he ended up resting on his back for a moment before he got up.

Luke Bryan Dances After Falling Onstage In North Carolina

More recently, Bryan fell onstage in Raleigh, North Carolina during a show in 2022. It happened while he was singing “That’s My Kind of Night.”

Bryan was having fun dancing while he sang his hit song. But then he tripped over some electrical tape, and fell flat on his back.

He decided to roll with it, and kept singing from his spot on the ground. He even threw in a few hip thrusts for good measure. Watch all of that in the video below.

Were y’all at any of these shows to see these falls live?