Luke Bryan Falls Down During Live Show

Christopher Polk/Variety via Getty Images, Mr Concert Vibes / YouTube

Luke Bryan didn’t crash anyone’s party (or playa) last night, he crashed and fell on stage.

On Saturday, April 20, Luke Bryan headlined Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada. Other performers that day included Dierks Bentley, Brett Young, Josh Ross, Dylan Marlowe, Niko Moon, Alana Springsteen, Dalton Dover, and Alli Walker.

The two-day festival also featured performances from Nickelback, Bailey Zimmerman, Walker Hayes, Elle King, Nate Smith, Chayce Beckham, Cooper Alan, and more.

Coast City Country Festival / Instagram

During his set, Bryan was walking about the stage when he slipped on a cell phone that was thrown.


After recovering on the floor for a few seconds, he rose to his knees and asked, “Hold up! Did anybody get that?” 

He also found the owner of the iPhone he slipped on. As he returned it, he jokingly said, “My lawyer will be calling!” 

Once Bryan found another fan who recorded the fall, he held their phone up so the cameras could zoom in and show a replay to the crowd. Every burst into laughter, including the “Crash My Party” singer! He played the video once more and clearly, Bryan was a good sport about the fall, saying, “Hey! I needed something viral, this is viral!”

Ryan Seacrest even addressed it on Sunday (April 21) during the live broadcast of American Idol!

At the start of the episode on Sunday night, host Ryan Seacrest asked Bryan, “I just want to check to make sure, Luke, you’re moving OK? You looked alright at the open of the show there. Are you damaged in any way?”

The country singer played it off as though he didn’t know what Seacrest was talking about. Then, Idol played a video of the fall and Bryan could no longer deny it.

Bryan explained that the now-viral moment happened because of “good old-fashioned foolishness,” and that it was “the best moment of the night.”

Watch the hilarious clip of Bryan falling below.