Jimmie Allen Felt Like His “Whole World Had Just Collapsed” After Sexual Assault Lawsuits

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Jimmie Allen Was Sued For Sexual Assault Twice In 2023 – One Lawsuit Has Since Been Dropped

Jimmie Allen was sued for sexual assault twice in 2023. The first suit was filed by his former manager, referred to as “Jane Doe” in court documents.

According to PEOPLE, who obtained those documents, “the former manager listed several instances where the country star allegedly forced himself onto her and abused her.”

Jane Doe dropped her lawsuit in March 2024. Allen offered to pay a financial settlement if the case didn’t go to court. Jane Doe’s lawyer says she accepted the offer to save herself “from the emotional trauma of reliving her experience.”

The lawyer emphasized that Jane Doe still “stands by her statements in the complaint” even though she accepted the settlement.

Jimmie Allen recently agreed to a financial settlement regarding a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him last year (2023)
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A second sexual assault lawsuit was filed against Jimmie Allen in June 2023. The woman who filed the suit claims Allen filmed a sexual encounter between them without her consent.

The second lawsuit against Allen is still going to trial.

Allen has repeatedly denied the accusations against him. After the first lawsuit was dropped, he provided the following statement to PEOPLE:

Because of these false allegations, the past eight months have been the hardest of my life, but it has shown me how much love I have from my friends and family. [Jane Doe’s] non-[factual] story has story has affected the lives of my children and I’m not down with that. I can take all the jabs, but when they start affecting my children we have serious issues.”

Jimmie Details Dark Period & How He Got Out Of It

On April 23, Allen shared a new video on his official YouTube channel. The video features a conversation between him and Kathie Lee Gifford.

During their talk, Allen detailed how he entered a dark period after the sexual assault lawsuits were filed. Allen’s record label dropped the “Best Shot” and “Down Home” singer following the accusations.

The first thing my brain goes to is not the career,” Allen said. “It’s, how am I going to provide for my kids? I had three [kids] then.”

Allen has since welcomed three more children. He has a son, Aadyn (age nine), from a previous relationship. The singer shares three children with his ex-wife Alexis, daughters Naomi (age four) and Zara (age two), and son Cohen (six months).

He recently revealed he also shares young twins with another woman, who he welcomed while still married to Alexis.

Allen said he felt like “the whole world had just collapsed” after the lawsuits were filed. So, the singer considered taking a drastic step to “provide for [his] family.

I’m thinking to myself, how am I going to provide for my family? And then it hit me. My life insurance covered suicide.

Allen said he came close to taking that step when he received a text from his friend. “He said, ‘Ending it isn’t the answer.’ And when I read those words that he texted me, I read them again. I just stopped.”

After that, Allen said he briefly turned to drugs, but he’s sober now and “in a great place.” He shared how he went on a retreat and started seeing a therapist.

“I am healing and growing for me and my children,” he said.

Watch Allen’s full conversation with Gifford below.

If you or someone you know is the victim of sexual assault, please visit rainn.org or call the National Sexual Assault Helpline at 1-800-656-4673.

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