62-Year-Old Python Laid Seven Eggs…’Without Male Help’

A surprising development at the St. Louis Zoo has its snake experts scratching their heads. One of the zoo’s ball pythons recently laid seven eggs despite not having been around a male python for at least 20 years. The 62-year-old unnamed female snake laid the eggs on July 23, leaving zookeepers perplexed for a few […] More

Classic Corvette Survives Hurricane Laura As Shop Around It Is Destroyed

As parts of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and other states continue to deal with the damage left being after being pummeled by hurricane Laura last week (August 27), signs of hope are emerging here and there as recovery and cleanup efforts continue. The devastating category 4 storm that left widespread damage in its wake claimed the […] More

Man Survives Fall Off Of George Washington’s Head At Mount Rushmore

Rock climbing is soaring in popularity so it’s not surprising that the occasional rebel will attempt to scale the faces at Mount Rushmore. One Michigan man recently made the illegal climb, but the result wasn’t quite what he expected. On August 19, Ayman Doppke reached the top of the iconic carving and climbed onto George […] More

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