Gator Filmed Climbing Over Fence At Naval Air Station In Florida

The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville may be a secure military base, but one determined alligator still managed to sneak in. A chain link fence runs along the roadside of the base, and its purpose is to deter would-be intruders of the human variety. We’re sure those who installed the fence never thought it would […] More

Marine Corps Welcomes Its First Female F-35B Pilot

According to, females were unable to serve as pilots in the Marine Corps until 1993. That’s when pilot positions were first made available to women, though the Marines didn’t get its first female pilot until 1995. That woman was 2nd Lt. Sarah Deal, a CH-53E heavy-lift helicopter pilot. Now, 24 years after Lt. Deal […] More

Chick-fil-A To Replace Peach Milkshake With New Drink

While Chick-fil-A has its standard menu items you can always count on seeing, other items are seasonal or limited time offerings. One such item is the famous peach milkshake, which returns every summer season but disappears off the menu by the time fall rolls around. View this post on Instagram It's peachy keen to have […] More

With Just 4 Words, Luke Combs Sends Fans Into Frenzy

Excitement is at an all-time high in the country music community. And that’s because one of its superstar artists just announced the news that fans have waited years to hear. Luke Combs is arguably the biggest thing in country music right now. The newly inducted Opry member is shattering records left and right, and also […] More

Julianne Hough Takes Her Top Off For New Photo Spread

Those who follow Julianne Hough on social media have seen her talking about a transformative journey she’s undergone over the course of the past year. Finally, fans got their first look into what that journey has been like for the professional dancer, country singer, actress, and America’s Got Talent judge. That look came through Hough’s […] More

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