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    Pentatonix Will Steal Your Heart With Cover Of Elvis’ ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

    Ever since they won The Sing-Off in 2011, Pentatonix has been gracing us with their outstanding covers. They generally stick to pop hits, but are also well-known for their renditions of beloved Christmas classics. They’ve even ventured into the rock world, releasing a chilling video for the Queen hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Proving their versatility, the […] More

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    Pentatonix Releases Bone-Chilling New Video For ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

    Three-time Grammy Award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix took on Queen with a bone-chilling cover of their iconic rock song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The group piled onto a couch, stared deep into the lens of the camera, and kicked off their cover with a spine-tingling harmony before lending control to group tenor Mitch Grassi. The vocalist took hold of the […] More

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    Pentatonix Will Make Your Soul Sing With Their Chilling Cover Of ‘Carol Of The Bells’

    After winning the competition series The Sing-Off in 2011, a cappella group Pentatonix quickly shot to international fame. Although the group primarily covers pop hits, they’ve also dabbled in other genres. Their Christmas covers have been especially popular with their fans, including one cover of a longtime Christmas favorite…”Carol of the Bells.” The Ukrainian Week […] More