5 Fast Facts About Trace Adkins’ Career-Defining Album ‘Something’s Going On’

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After years of waiting, Trace Adkins announced to his fans on January 24 that he would be releasing a new album in a few months. That album was Something’s Going On, which made its debut on March 31.

There was a great deal of buildup leading to the release of Something’s Going On. Adkins dropped several songs off of the album during that time, including the single “Watered Down” and the patriotic tribute “Still a Soldier.”

Now that Adkins’ new album is out there in the world, fans can’t seem to get enough. It climbed to the 5th spot on the Top Country Albums Chart, and is still one of the top-performing albums in country music right now.

You can tell that many of the songs on Something’s Going On are personal to Adkins. In fact, he’s admitted exactly that during various interviews. Since it’s such an important album in the span of his career, it’s our duty to teach you as much about it as we can!

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