Country Singer Proposes To Jason Aldean’s Sister During Romantic Getaway

Cupid is making his rounds around Nashville and his latest target landed right on Chuck Wicks and Jason Aldean‘s sister, Kasi. While the pair have been dating since 2018, they decided to make it forever just this past week. With a winter wonderland engagement, these two have a fairytale love. Chuck and Kasi’s love […] More

Which Country Singer Is Engaged To Jason Aldean’s Sister?

Country singer and co-host of the popular radio show The Ty Bentli Show, Chuck Wicks, has a lady love in his life. According to several Instagram posts, he began dating Kasi Williams a while ago. She just so happens to be Jason Aldean‘s sister. Williams has shared many photos with her beau, although it […] More

7 Things You Don’t Know About Julianne Hough

With her name being a constant staple in the media since she waltzed onto the set of Season 4 of Dancing With the Stars back in 2005, you may think you already know everything about American sweetheart Julianne Hough. However, there is a lot more to the multitalented blonde beauty than meets the eye. With […] More

Country Singer Chases Pokémon All Over Nashville

Today’s newest fad has now taken over country music. Taking to the streets of Music City, this country singer and his faithful cameraman experience what it is to be a real-world Pokémon trainer and take a break from his radio host spot for a solid half-hour. Not only does Chuck Wicks (known on Pokémon GO as “ChuckieWickie”) kick […] More