Young Merle Haggard Will Charm Your Socks Off Singing One Of His Biggest Hits

While he may no longer be with us, the legacy he left behind lives on emblazoned thanks to his impressive musical career. A young Merle Haggard – one of the original’s of outlaw country – appeared on The Wagon House for a performance of his riotous tune, “Okie from Muskogee.” What is your favorite hag tune? Posted by Merle Haggard […] More

The Haunting Last Recording Of Merle Haggard Will Leave You In Tears

Stricken with pneumonia for months prior to his untimely passing, country legend Merle Haggard had one goal: write and record as much music as he could. And that’s exactly what he did. Beyond the seemingly endless collection of recorded works that span the entire length of his career, he was working on completing as many songs […] More

Footage Of 26-Year-Old Glen Campbell Shredding On The Guitar Surfaces

After a six-year long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Glen Campbell passed away at age 81 early morning on August 8. While the legendary country singer may be gone, fans can find solace in the music he left behind. Early on in his career, a 26-year-old Campbell appeared on the television show Star Route, playing guitar for the episode’s […] More