Bubba J Freezes Up After Flubbing His Walmart Joke


If a puppet could turn red in the face, Bubba J would have been red as a beet! America’s favorite redneck was overtaken with embarrassment after epically failing a joke on stage with comedian Jeff Dunham at the 2015 comedy special “Unhinged in Hollywood.”

While attempting to tell a joke about the beauty that is Walmart, Bubba J fumbles through his lines, finding himself unable to carry on after what can only be described as a comedy disaster.

“Sorry I screwed up the joke,” he says to Dunham standing awkwardly by. “Wait you screwed up the joke…I may be dumb but you’re helping me!

The comedic genius encourages Bubba J to give the joke another try, which he agrees to before ultimately admitting he can’t quite remember what the joke was about in the first place. Dunham, struggling to keep his composure, laughs before reminding the redneck puppet his joke was about “Walmarts in Los Angeles.”

“Hey do they have Walmarts in Los Angeles?” Bubba J said once again. “Hurry up you’re screwing up the timing!” he continues after Dunham takes a long pause. “It’s so convenient, where else can you get Cheez-Its, tampons, and a canoe all in the same place? Now back to our regularly scheduled show.”

After perfectly executing his joke, Bubba J beamed with pride while the audience roared with laughter.

You can watch it all go down in the hysterical video below!