11 Of The Biggest Heartthrobs In Classic Country Music

The number one thing that matters in country music is your voice. But everyone knows that looks play a big part in the business as well, as fans naturally find themselves more drawn to an artist they feel an attraction for. Everyone’s personal tastes differ, but when it comes to classic country artists, it’s obvious […] More

8 Country Singers Who Have Competed On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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5 Times Trisha Yearwood Was Too Funny To Handle

Trisha Yearwood is a woman of many talents. She’s a Grammy-winning country singer, an actress, a cookbook author, and a cooking show host. But did you have any idea that she’s also a comedian? Alright, comedic work isn’t technically a part of Yearwood’s impressive resume, but she does have a top-notch sense of humor. She’s […] More