6 Times Tish & Bill Ray Cyrus Showed Their Love


Over two decades of marriage and a combined six children later, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are more in love than ever. Meeting in 1991 when Billy Ray was a homeless musician living out of his car, the two have since become one of the most iconic couples in the world of country music. Through the ups and downs over the course of their many years together, the two have always managed to make it back to one another.

Here are the six times Billy Ray and his beautiful wife Tish have made you believe in love.

1. When They Slowed Danced To Merle Haggard’s “Roses In The Winter”


Tish uploaded a video to her Instagram of the two slow dancing to country music legend Merle Haggard’s romantic ballad, “Roses in the Winter.” The song conveys the truth that in any relationship you’ll have “good times with the bad,” but if it’s meant to be the love will shine through. 

2. When Tish & The Kids Wished Billy Ray A Happy Father’s Day

Back in 2001 Tish, Miley, Noah, and Braison wished Billy Ray a Happy Father’s Day with a heartwarming song. While singing “Happy Father’s Day to you,” the children brought out a cake with the help up their mother to honor their father on his special day.

3. When They Facetime’d Because They Missed Each Other


Earlier this year, Tish Facetime’d her husband while Billy Ray was away because she missed him, with the heart-melting caption “Can’t forget this cutie.”

4. When They Celebrated Their 22nd Anniversary Country Style


The two Nashville natives celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary riding around on ATV’s together, taking to Instagram to share their fun-filled adventure, writing:

“Married this guy 22 years ago today! Its been a crazy ride! Getting ready to get crazier! Headed out on atv’s for the day to celebrate!” wrote Tish.

While the two have experienced wild successes over the course of their life together, they’ve always stayed true to their country roots.

5. When Billy Ray Bought Tish Her First Horse


Tish shared on Instagram that her husband bought her first horse, Randy. She shared that her country crooner husband found the stallion in Lima, Ohio after discovering the horse was going into retirement after years of service to the county’s sheriff.

6. When They Counted Their Blessings


In an Instagram post, Tish shared of photo of her and Bill Ray and wrote, “Counting my blessings this beautiful Sunday morning…. ?”