Country Star’s Adorable 4-Year-Old Daughter Debuts Lovely Singing Skills

Jake Owen Instagram

On November 22, 2012, Jake Owen’s life changed forever. That’s the day he welcomed his baby girl, Olive Pearl with his now ex-wife Lacey Buchanan. Although the couple didn’t work out, their love for their daughter grows stronger with each day.

We still care a lot about each other and most importantly have so much love for our little girl, and we want to do what’s best for her,” Jake said during a March 2016 interview with People.

Since “Pearl,” as Jake lovingly calls her, lives with her mother in Florida, the “American Country Love Song” singer treasures every second he gets to spend with her. During the Christmas season, Jake had the chance to spend a little bit of time with his sweet girl at his personal recording studio. He shot a super-sweet video of the time they spent there, which shows Pearl showcasing her own set of pipes.

My little rock star… Pearls first time singing in Daddy’s studio,” Jake captioned the video. With a pair of oversized headphones on, Pearl stepped up in front of the mic and debuted her lovely singing voice on a classic tune everyone knows…”Jingle Bells.”

Jake didn’t elaborate in the caption on what led Pearl to break out into her Christmas serenade. It seems like it was purely spontaneous, which is what makes it all the more adorable to watch.

For being only four years old, we have to say that Pearl’s singing is quite impressive. She sings with a great sense of enthusiasm, and it’s clear she has no problems with projecting her voice! When you hear her loudly sing the “ha ha ha” part after singing “laughing all the way,” your heart is sure to melt.

One of the sweetest moments in the clip comes when Pearl reaches the chorus of “Jingle Bells.” Pausing her performance for a short moment, she leans over and picks up a tambourine and begins shaking it to mimic the sound of real jingle bells.

Pearl seemed awfully proud of herself when she finished singing, and but her daddy was even more proud! He cheered for her when she was finished to let her know that she did a splendid job singing. That’s when he wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Pearl chimed in with her own Christmas greeting as well.

Tune in to the video below to watch Pearl’s super-cute recording session of “Jingle Bells.” It looks like we may have another Owen in country music someday!