Caught On Camera: Tim McGraw Takes A Tumble Off Stage At 2016 Concert

Tim McGraw loves interacting with fans during his shows. He is known for getting as close as he can and a few fans have taken advantage of that!

On one occasion, his wedding ring was taken off and he got pretty upset. Another time, a woman grabbed his private parts in front of Faith Hill! She wasn’t too happy about that.

This time, unruly fans weren’t the problem – it was the stage!

While playing a show at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Arena on July 23, McGraw was standing on a small stage in the crowd singing his 1995 hit “All I Want Is A Life.”

He had a tight grip on the railing for most of the song, but wandered off to go high-five some fans and as he attempted to do so, he completely ate it!

McGraw fell so far down that he gets lost in the crowd. He definitely knows the saying, “The show must go on,” very well because he continued to sing from the ground!

As fans helped him get back up on the stage, you can hear him say, “Watch out, there’s a hole there.” He didn’t lose his balance like other country stars we know (we’re lookin’ at you, Luke Bryan)….There was a safety issue!

We’re glad he’s okay, but we’re even more impressed that he continued singing. Watch the video below.