Chris Young’s Duet With Vince Gill “Sober Saturday Night” Gets Music Video Focusing On Drunk Driving

Riding on the success of his album, I’m Comin’ Over, Chris Young released his third single – a collaboration with a country legend.

The song solidifies Young as a great songwriter. He co-wrote nine of the album’s eleven tracks.

“Sober Saturday Night” has a traditional country feel, especially with Vince Gill’s harmonies rounding out the song. Yep – those high harmonies belong to none other than Vince Gill.

The song compares the pain of a hangover to the pain of lost love, but with the release of the music video, it becomes so much more than that.

The video features a solemn man dreaming about a love he once had, intermixed with a night of drinking with the same girl.

During the clips of the night out on the town, it shows them drinking too much and getting into a huge fight. The man’s love leaves him vomiting outside of the bar and gets in a car with someone who shouldn’t be driving.

The solemn man marks off another day on the calendar and makes his way to a church, where he waits for the congregation to let out. He then goes to the front seat of his truck and grabs flowers, as images of his girlfriend getting in a fatal car accident on that drunken night appear.

He lays the flowers on her grave as the top of the calendar he marked off is shown with big red letters spelling out, “Sober.”

ChrisYoungVEVO / YouTube

When sharing the video on Facebook, Young writes, “This video is full of emotion.” Watch the music video below.