Dale Jr. Reveals His Dad’s Screwdriver Recipe – What’s The Secret Ingredient?

Craig Jones / Getty Images

On January 18, 2022 retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy announced the launch of a brand-new line of “premium, hand-crafted vodka,” High Rock. It is distilled and bottled at Sugarlands Distilling Company. The couple has worked on the product for “years,” they revealed in an Instagram post.


Right after the launch, Dale Jr. showed fans how to make a “High Rock Vodka Cocktail” in a video on social media. He walked up to the bar, which had an empty glass filled with ice. He opened the bottle of High Rock Vodka and poured it in the glass. He took a sip and walked away.

“It’s that easy because it’s that smooth,” the caption read.


On Thursday, March 17, 2022, Dale Jr. took to Instagram to share another drink recipe…and this time, it actually had another ingredient besides vodka! He shared his late father’s Screwdriver recipe, which has a secret ingredient.

Instead of traditional orange juice, the juice in Dale Earnhardt’s Screwdriver HAD to be Five Alive, a citrus juice box made by Minute Maid.

According to Dale Jr., Five Alive is pretty hard to find in stores (and we checked, it is), but you can order it on Amazon here. While Dale Sr. didn’t use High Rock vodka, we’d like to think he’s drinking some up in Heaven right now!

Check out Dale Jr.’s video below, set to the tune of Eric Church’s “Drink In My Hand.”